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South's recession-hit shoppers snap up own-brand products

By Fergus Black

Recession-busting shoppers in the Republic are turning more and more to own-brand products on the supermarket shelves in an effort to stretch their already squeezed budgets, new figures reveal.

'Yellow packs' was once the generic term used to describe cheap products but retailer own brands have doubled in popularity in the past decade and now enjoy a healthy one-third slice of the Irish grocery market.

Sales of private-label or own-brand products are worth an estimated €3bn, with many of the lines produced by well-known manufacturers selling under supermarket labels. All the supermarket chains offer their own brands and this year the average Irish shopper is expected to spend €1,827 on such products, according to research agency Kantar.

The agency said own-brands' share of the Irish grocery market has grown from 16% in 2001 to 33.1% last year and is expected to grow further this year.

Tesco says 98% of its customers buy at least one own-brand food item in their weekly shopping.