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Spirits lifted at Dillon Bass as whiskey sales hit the roof

By John Mulgrew

Irish whiskey is continuing to tickle the tastebuds of consumers across the globe with the largest distributor in Northern Ireland enjoying further growth.

Dillon Bass has increased its share of the whiskey market here to 52%, according to figures from Nielsen.

And its flagship brand Jameson has been at the forefront of their business plan - with the company witnessing double-digit growth in 47 markets across the globe.

The US now makes up 40% of total Jameson sales.

It's also focusing on its top-end brands - such as Midleton and Redbreast.

The firm's whiskey ambassador Dave McCabe said: "Interest in Irish whiskey has grown exponentially in recent years and it's becoming one of our most important exports".

And Duke of York owner Willie Jack said he had witnessed a "huge increase in consumer demand. For tourists, sampling Irish whiskey is part of the visitor experience."

Dillon Bass marketing manager Joanne O'Hagan said they had also seen "significantly increased" sales in Northern Ireland.

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