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Staff demand 'continues to rise'

Demand for staff has continued to increase, especially in construction and engineering, according to new research from recruitment firms.

A study among 400 recruitment and employment consultancies showed a "substantial" rise in permanent staff placements last month.

Temporary placements also increased sharply, with growth close to the 15-year high reported in August, according to the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (Rec).

The slowest increase in permanent jobs was in the hotel and catering sector.

Rec chief executive Kevin Green said: "This month's figures show the jobs market continues to be the success story in the UK economy with all regions and sectors experiencing growth.

"Recruiters tell us that the number of people being placed into permanent roles has now been growing continually for a year and temp growth maintains its strength following last month's 15-year high.

"The good news continues with starting salaries for permanent jobs rising at the fastest rate in over five and a half years - and they have been rising for the last 17 months."

Bernard Brown of KPMG, which helped with the report, added: "Demand for staff may be up, but the number of individuals putting themselves on the market has dropped for the fifth consecutive month.

"Perhaps the pay on offer has to rise to encourage staff to 'make the move'. If it doesn't, we could be about to witness a growing gap between what the employers need and what employees are prepared to do."