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Staff 'happier to work with people from a mix of ages rather than only peers'

People who work alongside colleagues of different ages are happier than those who work just with their peer group, a study has found.

A survey of 32,000 employees at restaurant giant McDonald's showed the benefits of a multigenerational workforce.

Staff working among a cross section of age groups were 10% happier than those on a shift with only people of a similar age, while customers liked to see a mix of ages when they were served.

Claire Hall, chief people officer at McDonald's UK, said: "This summer marks an important milestone in the workplace as people born in the year 2000 take up part-time roles for the first time. Yet despite growing numbers of older and younger workers, the value of a multigenerational workforce to business is little understood.

"As these insights show, teams that bring together a mix of people of different ages and at different life stages are fundamental to creating a happy and motivated workplace and to delivering a great customer experience."