Belfast Telegraph

Staff work longer over job fears

By Alan Jones

Fresh evidence of the UK's long hours culture was revealed yesterday with a study showing that one in 10 workers are putting in an 11-hour day, frequently taking work home in the evening.

A survey of 2,700 adults by workplace services firm Regus found that pressure on working hours had become more acute as a result of the economic downturn and growing concerns over job security.

Almost half of employees said they worked up to nine hours a day, more than a third did up to 11 hours, and 10% did more than that, with many people taking work home in the evenings at least three times a week.

A separate study by hotel chain Premier Inn revealed that a third of Britons dreamt about work, in a sign of increasing work-related stress. A poll of 2,000 showed that heavy workloads, long hours and conflicts with colleagues meant many people's dreams were dominated by office politics.

Another report showed that entrepreneurs across Europe and the US were losing sleep as they grappled with the state of the economy.The Germans and Dutch were most optimistic about the year ahead, while the British and Spanish were least optimistic.