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Standard of Northern Ireland engineers encourages US firm to create new base in Belfast

By Margaret Canning

The quality of engineering teaching and research at Queen's University helped convince a US tech firm to set up in Northern Ireland, its chief executive has said.

APriori Technologies is opening up in Belfast with the creation of 15 technology jobs, paying an average of £40,000.

The Massachusetts-based firm sells software to manufacturers such as Boeing, Ford and Tetra Pak which helps monitor the manufacturing process and the cost of products.

Economic development agency Invest NI said it had offered the firm nearly £100,000 to help fund the posts, which include engineers and costs modellers.

Stephanie Feraday, the firm's president and chief executive, said: "Cost modelling and implementation of product costing solutions requires particular expertise and with growing customer demands we realised the need to recruit more staff to support the company's continued development.

"Invest NI has been working with us over the past 16 months as we considered our options and its support with our investment was a significant factor in our decision to locate a new technical centre in Northern Ireland.

"The quality of research and teaching at Queen's University's School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering impressed us and we are confident that we can find the qualified technical staff we need among Northern Ireland's engineering talent base."

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