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Steering a natural growth path


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Kellen Investments, which trades as Phoenix Natural Gas, is the pre-eminent natural gas business in Northern Ireland. Since 1996, Phoenix has been successful in establishing natural gas as a brand new product to an existing market. Phoenix developed the supply systems which brought natural gas to greater Belfast – though the supply arm has been sold. Last week, Phoenix was sold to Australian fund Hastings – though Phoenix has emphasised that the sale will not affect its day-to-day operations. Around 3,000 people are employed in the wider local natural gas industry, including within gas installation firms, product retailers, manufacturers, distributors, merchants and training centres all operating under the Phoenix banner.

Around 250 staff are employed directly by Phoenix.

Phoenix aims to grow its customers in Belfast from around 50% to the 85% levels seen in Great Britain (85%) as well as potential opportunities for expansion into new licensed areas.

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