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Stena Line has pretty cool idea to help hungry students

By Staff Reporter

Stena Line is offering a student the chance to win a fridge full of food to help them fuel up for their studies.

The ferry firm is giving one student the chance to cut down on his or her own food bills - with those going to university spending more on food anything else, aside from rent.

It comes after a study by Northumbria University in England proved that students performed better on simple mathematics tests by drinking dark chocolate shakes.

And if students eat the right foods they can also improve memory, alertness and focus, the study showed.

Marc Casey of Stena Line said: "With third level education so expensive, we think it's only fair that students can save a few pounds.

"To help students in Northern Ireland graduate with flying colours, we are offering them the chance to win the contents of a fridge, packed with healthy, brain boosting foods, as well as some student favourites.

"This will offer mum and dad peace of mind as they won't need to worry about their hard working kids eating well, plus they save money getting their kids to and from college or university, when they travel with Stena Line.

"And don't forget that transporting things like televisions, lots of heavy books, clothes, guitars, games consoles, costs zero, as Stena Line don't charge for excess baggage."

To win the contents of the fridge, visit Stena Line's website at

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