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Strathfoyle to tug north-west port towards further growth

By staff reporter

Foyle Port has said it's well-positioned for future growth after investing £4m in a new tug boat vessel named the Strathfoyle.

The new Damen ASD 230 - from Dutch shipbuilder The Damen Group - will be the most powerful vessel in Foyle Port's fleet.

Harbour Master Bill McCann said: "This significant £4m investment in new equipment demonstrates Foyle Port's continued commitment to our customers and will, we believe, help us to play our part in further regional growth across the north-west."

The Strathfoyle will work alongside the port's existing ASD tug, the Shrove, and replace its older tug, the Culmore. The Culmore will be kept in reserve for when one of the others is being serviced.

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