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Students invited to taste a slice of Apple in new App Camp

By Heather McGarrigle

A Belfast based IT company is hoping to take a 'bite of the Apple' with the help of Northern Ireland's brightest students.

Software and business systems developer Kainos is recruiting first-year undergraduates to its new App Camp, where they will work with technical experts to develop applications (apps) for Apple's iphone and ipad.

The new project follows the company's Invest NI-supported visit last year to the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in California.

Dr Vicky Kell, Invest NI Trade Director says: "Apple is one of the most exciting technology companies in the world. Each year tickets for the WWDC sell out in record time as international technology companies, inventors and developers try to access Apple experts and practical presentations, and view latest technology trends.

"The fact that a significant and innovative initiative has resulted from attendance at the event is immensely important for the sector locally.

"The Kainos App Camp will not only lead to the development of world leading technology here in Northern Ireland, it will more significantly support skills development in a niche area and ensure that this region fully realises the potential of its young, talented people now and in the future."

Applications for the inaugural App Camp have come from a wide range of technology enthusiasts and have not been restricted to those studying IT.

Over the summer, those at the camp will receive tuition and guidance in understanding hardware and software, as well as support in graphic design to marketing, with the ultimate aim of launching their app on the official Apple App Store.

Tom Gray, chief technology officer at Kainos says: "This exciting new programme is designed specifically to hothouse the brightest and best new, raw talent.

"This is a fantastic way to engage with bright, young graduates to find out first-hand what they can do."