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Sudden closure of Rural College as company is declared insolvent

By Clare Weir

A business, cultural and community centre in Co Londonderry has been wound up.

The Rural College at Derrynoid in Draperstown closed suddenly last week.

The facility was set up in 1995, with funding from the Department of Agriculture, International Fund for Ireland and the European Union.

The company which ran the college has now been declared insolvent.

Last Monday, an email was sent to creditors and supporters of the centre reading: "As of 5pm today the Rural College will no longer be in business. If you are outstanding invoice payment our Receivers Arthur Boyd and Company will be in touch regarding payment of your invoices."

The centre held corporate events including conferences, seminars, presentations, training, team building and conventions.

It is situated on the site of the 18th Century Manor House, Derrynoid Lodge, five miles off the main Belfast-Londonderry road. The facility included accommodation, gym, library and IT suite.

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A spokeswoman for the International Fund for Ireland said that the college had recently accessed funds.

"In 2009, the Board of the International Fund for Ireland approved financial assistance of up to a maximum of £165,521 towards a three-year course focusing on addressing the Legacy of the Troubles," she said.

"Funding has been drawn down as expenses have been incurred by the college."