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Superfast connectivity to remote locations from day one



Dave Martin, EE Corporate Account Manager at BT Business in Northern Ireland with Cathal O’Hare, Director at O’Hare & McGovern

Dave Martin, EE Corporate Account Manager at BT Business in Northern Ireland with Cathal O’Hare, Director at O’Hare & McGovern

Dave Martin, EE Corporate Account Manager at BT Business in Northern Ireland with Cathal O’Hare, Director at O’Hare & McGovern

It's easy to take a speedy internet connection for granted everywhere you go. Nowadays, you'd be hard pushed to find an office which doesn't have a high-speed internet connection or network already installed, one which is essential to the very essence of the business.

From collaborative working, ordering supplies, paying employees, providing access to essential documents to providing up-to-the-minute news, there are few businesses which can function without it.

But what if a significant amount of your business's work is carried out away from the office and in green or brown field sites which are lucky to have a water connection, never mind internet?

How do companies get a business-grade internet connection that is accessible by many employees across a large site, and which can be up and running in a matter of days, not weeks?

That is the challenge which faces countless construction, engineering, utilities, and charity organisations - to name but a few - on a daily basis, and one which may have seemed insurmountable before the advent of Rapid Site from EE.

As the name suggests, it will have your new site up and running with full 4G connectivity and asset management in just three working days, allowing your teams access to superfast internet when they need it most.

It's a fully-managed service, with flexible short-term equipment rental agreements and is delivered on the widest data highway, which is built for tomorrow's traffic.

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Cathal O'Hare, Director at Newry-based construction company O'Hare & McGovern, knows more than most how essential such a service can be to a business which is constantly breaking new ground.

O'Hare and & McGovern has been in business in excess of 40 years and were able to provide employment for over 200 people on this project and have been doing so on some of the biggest construction projects across Northern Ireland.

It's a true market leader in its field, and it is because it works in fields that access to an internet connection is a challenge.

One of its latest projects is the construction of the Belfast Harbour Studios on the North Foreshore, one of the landmark projects of 2017 and one where it called upon the accessibility of EE's Rapid Site solution.

"We had a new project on an undeveloped site with no services going to it. With 30,000 tonnes of stone due to arrive and piling operations to commence, it was critical that site staff were in sync with our various departments back at head office in Newry," Cathal said.

"With the EE Rapid Site solution we were up and running from day one.

"It meant we had rapid communication internally and to our sub-contractors in the crucially important first phase of the job."

And it wasn't just the rapid installation set up which impressed Cathal.

"The speed of the service was impressive because we had really good 4G. It was like being at Head Office because we were even able to work on our information management system to access our documents and drawings, something which took forever when we were working on dongles."

Dave Martin, EE's Corporate Account Manager and the man behind O'Hare & McGovern's decision to use the Rapid Site solution, said the product was a perfect fit.

"The great thing about Rapid Site is that it utilises the existing EE mobile network rather than requiring time-bound and expensive overhead or underground cabling.

"At EE we have 4G with speed of up to 50 or 60 Mbps, the speed is better than many fixed broadband lines."

He said the service was working so well with O'Hare & McGovern that the data capacity was doubled in September.

While construction has proved a popular customer for the product, Dave said its application is widespread.

"Construction is particularly suited to the Rapid Site solution, but the potential uses are endless. Healthcare, retail, utilities, charities; there's no end to the possible uses for such a flexible, reliable and high performance service."

Such flexibility, coverage and performance provided by the solution - one which is backed up by a close partnership with BT - does more than just offer an add-on for businesses in need of high-speed internet coverage in out-of-the-way-sites, it is game changing.

At last, truly portable and quality internet access is possible for your firm wherever your business takes you.

For further information and to contact BT Business in Northern Ireland please email enterprise.accounts@bt.com