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Surfboard team hope to ride high with appeal to Virgin boss Richard Branson

By John Mulgrew

Two surfboard-mad Portrush brothers hope to make a splash with Richard Branson in a bid to grow their business.

Ricky and Chris Martin have been making waves for the last two years - solving a problem of some surfboards 'breaking up'. They worked heat-bonding to help solve the issue.

Now they're pitching the Skunkworks Surfboard Company to none other than Virgin founder Branson, as part of his Pitch to Rich scheme.

If successful, the surfboard team could walk away with £50,000 towards the business, assistance from the Virgin Media Business team and a chance to sell their idea to the man himself.

"We quickly realised that all of the current boards' flaws came down to the use of adhesives and to make a board that was as robust as the market required we needed to eliminate adhesives," Ricky said.

The company's vision is to "create the most robust, high-performance soft surfboards and stand-up paddleboards in the world, while making a minimum impact on the environment".

The innovative north coast team have already landed some £100,000 in grants towards their business. And they are now looking for the public's help in making their dream a reality, entering the 'New Things' category - and are already in the top 10.

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