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Survey shows cautious job optimism

Businesses in Northern Ireland are cautiously optimistic about the job market, according to the findings of a survey by a leading recruitment website. surveyed 100 companies of all sizes across a range of sectors to ask them their views on the job market for the last three months, and their predictions for the next three.

Just over half said there was an increase in available vacancies and a market improvement in confidence.

Only 9% felt the job market was still experiencing a downturn and just 3% said they thought the situation would get worse.

While many said they had frozen recruitment or made redundancies, most respondents said they were focused on sustainable recruitment procedures.

Just over 40% of companies were looking forward to a slight rise in vacancies in the next three months. Around one fifth of respondents were less optimistic.

Colin Maxwell, recruitment manager of, said: “There is currently a mood of cautious optimism across businesses in Northern Ireland. This is reflected in which has seen an increase of 18% in the number of jobs listed on the website in the first quarter of 2010 compared to the seasonally-adjusted figures for quarter four 2009. However, this sentiment is tempered by the knowledge that the impact of proposed public sector spending cuts has yet to be fully experienced. Levels of recruitment are affected by the need to win new business in a challenged economy, drive cost-efficiencies and sustain existing jobs.

“Our research confirms that while almost 50% of interviewees are positive about improving prospects for jobs we are clearly not out of the woods yet.”

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