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Survival firm strikes deal to keep Canadian submariners safe

By David Elliot

A Dunmurry survival equipment manufacturer has secured a deal with the Canadian navy.

Survitec Group will supply immersion suits, designed specifically for use on submarines, to the Royal Canadian Navy.

The suits, known as the RFD Beaufort MK11, replace a previous version used by the navy and are part of larger deal which includes a full accompaniment of training suits. "We are extremely proud to supply our Submarine Escape and Immersion Equipment (SEIE) the Royal Canadian Navy," said Chris Pugh-Bevan, submarine escape -amp; survival manager at Survitec Group. "We will continue to focus our research and design efforts into SEIE to ensure we maintain our status as world leaders."

Survitec pioneered the development of Submarine Escape technology in 1952. Designed to provide protection for submariners on stricken subs, its products include single skinned suits with integrated life rafts, escape jerkins, inflatable abandonment suits and external submarine life raft systems.

Survitec has around 30,000 units of submarine escape equipment in use around the world and employs 252 people at RDF Beaufort in Dunmurry.