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SustainEx: Latest energy efficiency technology on show at this year's exhibition

SustainEx – the comprehensive exhibition and workshop programme for Northern Ireland businesses seeking improved operating costs and resource efficiency - will be held at La Mon Hotel and Country Club on April 9 and 10.

Many of the top industrial players in this rapidly growing sector will exhibit and demonstrate the latest technologies in energy efficiency management, waste resources, renewables and new technology.

The free, two-day event - driven by the Sustainable Ireland waste management and renewable energy magazine in association with Invest NI – offers unrivalled opportunities to connect decision-makers, visitors and exhibitors under one roof, courtesy of an extensive seminar programme with high profile speakers and panel discussions.

Among the major contributors to this year's event at the Gransha Road, Belfast hotel are Ian Garner from waste-reduction champions WRAP, Arup's Diane Emerson, an expert in the methods and strategies of sustainable construction, Richard Robinson (McLaughlin & Harvey), who has expertise in climate change and biodiversity, and Invest NI's Ciaran O’Reilly, who will share his inimitable knowledge of RHI (Renewable Heat Initiatives) and ROC (Renewable Obligation Certificates).

A packed programme - which will be introduced by well-known entertainer and mentalist David Meade - includes workshops on resource efficiency cost savings - and taking action on food and packaging waste - within the local hospitality business, energy efficiency within the food processing sector, sustainable construction performance improvement and delivering change in the retail grocery supply chain.

There will also be sessions, delivered by experts in the field, on how to construct buildings using low impact sustainable materials, how builders can enhance the natural environment whilst boosting their business, and how Anaerobic Digestion can deliver sustainability, savings and revenues for local food and drink businesses.

SustainEX 2014 is an informative, interactive, enjoyable event which has become one of the most  eagerly-awaited diary entries for those involved in, or interested in making their business, more environmentally friendly, more efficient – and more profitable.

To find out more about the SustainEx conference, register to attend and sign up for expert seminars, visit or phone 028 9268 8888.

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