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Switching your mobile phone contracts 'will be easier'

Ofcom chief Sharon White
Ofcom chief Sharon White

By Sally Wardle

Mobile phone users could soon find it easier to switch providers, amid concerns that companies are making it "unnecessarily hard" for customers, a watchdog has said.

A public consultation has been launched to make moving contracts easier, with the regulator Ofcom saying that the current system is confusing and puts people off hunting for the best deals.

Changes could include making the consumer's new provider responsible for their move.

This would mean customers would not have to contact their current provider unless they wanted to.

Ofcom is also looking at simplifying the transfer of mobile phone numbers. Currently, users must obtain a code from their old provider, and take it to their new one, a process made more difficult by call centre queues.

Chief executive Sharon White said: "Consumers should be able to switch their mobile providers with minimum hassle, to take advantage of the best deals on the market.

"Ofcom has recently made switching easier for millions of broadband users, and we are now focusing on improving the process for mobile customers."

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The consultation has been welcomed by consumer rights groups.

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