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Taxi drivers to stage protest in London over 'traffic chaos and air pollution'

Taxi drivers are planning another demonstration in London, calling for a public inquiry into how transport in the capital is run.

The protest in Whitehall today threatens gridlock on the already rammed roads of central London.

The United Cabbies Group said it wanted to highlight the traffic chaos and air pollution, which it likened to that of a third-world city.

It accused Transport for London (TfL) of failing to make improvements in areas such as regulation of private hire taxis and strategy for tacking air pollution.

"It is regrettable that taxi drivers are forced to protest, but the fact is that the improper actions and policies of TfL are causing widespread gridlock and congestion all day every day throughout London," said a statement,

"The protests will continue until the Prime Minister formally initiates a public inquiry into TfL.

"We do not call these protests without giving serious consideration to the effects they have on the general public and we apologise for any inconvenience our protest may cause.

"However, we feel we are left with no other option as we have exhausted every possible avenue in our attempts to get Transport for London to address our concerns."

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