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Tayto hopes to make a packet with China move

It's new theme park in Co Kildare caused a stir - now Tayto parent Largo Foods is marketing its crisps in China.

The crisp maker is relying on the sales nous of an Irish-Chinese entrepreneur to bring the Chinese around to the made in Ireland taste of Tayto -no relation to the crisps of the same name made in Tandragee, Co Armagh.

Qian Wei will help sell Tayto to major supermarket chains through Largo's new office in Shanghai. As the Irish Times explains, Tayto are known in Chinese as tudoushenshi shuping, which translates as 'potato gentleman crisps'.

Mr Qian, whose wife is Irish, is evangelical about Tayto. "I want everyone in China to know that Tayto is the best."

But he will avoid launching cheese and onion - a flavour which, legend has it, was pioneered by Tayto - and will instead focus on Thai sweet chilli and original salted.