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Tech expert tells firms: get set for 'digital disruption'


NORTHERN Ireland companies need to get ready for "digital disruption" or risk being left behind the competition, a high tech expert will warn today.

Speaking at the Digital DNA conference in Titanic Belfast, the head of engineering at Deloitte Digital UK will tell business owners they need to reconsider their business model to take account of both the threat and opportunities brought by the digital revolution.

Mike Robinson said that while digital technology has opened the doors to a world of opportunity, the pace of change brought about by low cost broadband, smart phones, tablets and lower cost e-commerce solutions, is giving rise to a number of challenges.

"Change to your sector could be some way off or it could happen much sooner. It might have a large impact or a smaller one. In reality some businesses will emerge stronger and others will struggle, but the trick is to know how your sector will be impacted in the future."

In his presentation Mr Robinson will be building on findings from Deloitte Australia's 'Short Fuse, Big Bang?' paper which anticipates to what degree organisations and sectors will be disrupted.

"Those business leaders in the short fuse, big bang quadrant, such as finance, media, retail and information technology, will already be feeling the effects of digital disruption. Increased competition and falling revenue streams will need urgent action. Longer fuse sectors, such as education, agriculture and health will feel this big bang further down the line, but they still need to be prepared."

He said large companies such as Adobe, Tesco and John Lewis are adapting their business models to prepare for this 'big bang'.

Their new strategies are focused on how they can match up their digital capabilities with the requirements of their customers.

The inaugural Digital DNA summit takes place at Titanic Belfast today.

With high-profile participants this conference aims to show businesses how to exploit digital media to boost their productivity and profitability. Those interested in registering for Digital DNA Connect & Build: Your digital footprint for the future should log on to or email

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