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Technology: It's pricey but better shots from Canon’s M3

By Adrian Weckler

I have invested a small fortune in lenses for Canon cameras. I wouldn't do it if I didn't believe in the quality of their cameras. But it is fair to say that the Japanese company has been playing catch-up on so-called 'mirrorless' cameras - those smaller models that can swap out lenses

The photo quality is certainly there, but the technology and development (speed, autofocus, lens-range) have lagged behind rivals such as Panasonic and Sony. Canon's upgraded Eos M3 is a big improvement on the initial miniature DSLR launched three years ago. Its 24-megapixel camera sensor - ultimately the most important bit for actual photo quality - is the same as the impressive 750D and 760D. It also now has significantly faster autofocus than the last version. And it feels really solid in-hand, with a near-perfect grip and a good flip-out touchscreen. Other things to like include onboard wifi to quickly transfer photos to phones (essential, in my view). All in all, this camera will take a really good shot and is pleasant to use. Yes, it still lags behind rival manufacturers' lens ranges, but I'm not sure that this is a huge thing for mirrorless cameras - those really interested in multiple lenses will probably defer to DSLR cameras. It is slightly pricey compared to competitors, though, Panasonic (GX7) and Sony (A6000) offer similar cameras for around £100 less. 

Canon Eos M3 Price:£599 (with 18-55mm lens) from Rating: HHHH

Creative Sound Blaster Jam

I switched over to wireless Bluetooth headphones long ago. Despite the extra charging requirement, they are far more practical than the wired variety, especially when out and about. The problem is that they're damn expensive. Up until recently, you couldn't get a decent pair for under £180. That's all beginning to change. As Creative's Sound Blaster Jam model attests, there are even budget versions now. This headphone set may look and feel like something from the original Walkman era, but its sound quality is more than passable. Connecting over Bluetooth to any phone, tablet or laptop, it also has a built-in microphone, which means you can make or take hands-free calls through it. This isn't the headset to listen to an opera on. But when on the move, it's decent enough.

Price: £36 from Rating: HHH

Surface 3 Docking Station 

One advantage to Microsoft making its own laptops is that it thinks things through in terms of work accessories. This docking station is a case in point. It's a standalone desk accessory into which you slot a Surface 3 laptop/tablet hybrid. That means that when you get home, or into the office, you just stick the Surface 3 in and use it as a main computer with a proper desktop monitor, keyboard and mouse. It even has extra connections (two USB 3 and two USB 2 ports). In an era when laptops are the main work machine for most, this makes a lot of sense. The only drawback is that the actual Surface 3 machine may not be the best option to use as a main desktop PC because of its modest Celeron processor. An extra £145 gets you a Surface 3 Pro, which would make more sense for the regular user.

Price: £165 from Rating: HHHH

Boom Swimmer Waterproof Bluetooth  Speaker 

Love hearing tinny music blaring from the teens down the back of the bus? How about extending this pleasure to outdoor swimming pools or the beach? That's the promise of the Boom Swimming Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker, a small, inexpensive device that connects wirelessly to your phone or tablet. Designed to look like a cross between a showerhead and a sperm, its 'tail' allows it to be bent into shapes that support its suspension from rails or hooks. Its waterproof certification means that it is thoroughly splash-proof and can even survive 30 minutes underwater without breaking. As you'd expect, the sound quality from such a cheap gadget isn't exactly top notch, with not a lot of bass detectable. But it will bang out spunky versions of David Guetta or Calvin Harris. And that's what we all want to hear when trying to relax this season.

Price: £50 from Rating: HHH

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