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Telecoms firm Fenix Solutions goes fleet first to celebrate

Belfast telecommunications business, Fenix Solutions, has launched a fleet of branded vehicles onto the roads to mark the 10th anniversary of its contract with vehicle management business Agnew Corporate.

Fenix, an independently-owned business based on the Castlereagh Road which supplies telephone and network solutions to businesses of all sizes across Ireland, has invested into redeveloping its brand to reflect the company's consistent growth in recent years.

Managing director Kieron McGuire explained the firm's ethos: "We pride ourselves on being a small Northern Ireland business that relies on the importance of a one-on-one, personalised service and dedicated helpdesk for customers.

"Our focus is on delivering the exact tools that local businesses need in order to work more efficiently and effectively. This model continues to work for us, and since 2007 we have noticed a 60% growth in sales," said Mr McGuire.

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