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Telecoms link to US now complete

Enterprise Minister Arlene Foster has announced the completion of Project Kelvin, Northern Ireland's direct telecommunications link to North America. Project Kelvin involved connecting a submarine cable to the Hibernia North Transatlantic cable located 22 miles off the north coast. Minister Foster said businesses here now have access to the same international telecoms services found in major cities like Amsterdam and New York.

Branding victory for Scotch Whisky

ONLY whisky produced in Scotland can be marketed as Scotch to consumers in Panama after a new agreement. Authorities in Panama have granted an application by the Scotch Whisky Association, made in May 2010, for "Scotch Whisky" to be registered and protected as a "geographical indication of origin". The deal follows a similar agreement reached with China.

BMI chiefs unveil revamped cabins

British Midland International (bmi) has unveiled a new business class and economy cabin for its mid-haul routes. The airline said the refurbishment of the A321 and A320 aircraft, which is part of an overhaul programme, included new leather interiors, new cushions and a new lighting system.

Holidaymakers hit by fuel row

HolidaY flights returning to the UK from Egypt have been disrupted in a row over fuel payments. Budget carrier easyJet had to put three planeloads of passengers up for the night in Egyptian hotels after the local supplier refused to refill its planes.

A bum note for currency printer

THE world's biggest banknote printer says its volumes are to drop 20% this year after a production crisis which involved staff allegedly falsifying quality control paperwork. De La Rue, which prints notes for the Bank of England and more than 150 national currencies, said the production woes, which led to the resignation of chief executive James Hussey, cost the group £35m but the impact on its full-year results is unclear.