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Telegraph unveils its iPad edition

By Staff Reporter

The Belfast Telegraph will be available on the iPhone and iPad by the end of the month.

The move follows an 8% growth in readership of the newspaper year-on-year, according to local brand consumption survey TGI NI.

The site, which is fifteen years old, now sees over 1m readers per month, every month.

Digital publisher at the newspaper Sam McIlveen said mobile phones were predicted to be more widely used than PCs for online access within the next couple of years.

He said: "By 2013, mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common web access device worldwide according to a Gartner 2010 survey.

"By providing our award-winning news coverage and high quality editorial in a made-to-measure online package, we aim to grow our readership dramatically.

"Mobility and access to information are two key pre-requisites for successful modern living and we have geared up our online designs and presence to be accessible and easy to read on peoples' phones and tablets."

The daily edition of the Belfast Telegraph for iPad and iPhone will cost £5.99 and £2.99 per month respectively.

It is due to be in place by early April and will be launched jointly with the Northern Ireland Tourist Board.

Readers who register at before the launch will be offered 30 days' free access.