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Tele's Business Month magazine - out today

The third edition of Northern Ireland's newest and best business magazine, Business Month is available today inside the Belfast Telegraph.

Here's a taste of what in the December edition

Interview with FG Wilson head Mark Sweeney

Corporation tax opinion with Bob Barbour from the Centre for Competitiveness

Trading Places - Ulster Bank economist Richard Ramsey swaps places with Arlene Foster and Mike Smyth steps into Sammy Wilsons shoes

Decade of progress? Robin Morton looks at the NI economy at the end of a decade

Capital cuts – Paul Goslings asks how the cuts in capital spending will impact the Northern Ireland economy

Focus oncloud computing. What exactly is it?

Focus onfinance. What are the options?

Out to lunch – Joris Minne takes Terri Hooley to the pub.

Streetview – The Cheshire Cat

Day in the life – Bronagh Griffin from Nineteenthirty shirt makers.

Motoring – VW Passat

Travel – Paul Hopkins takes a trip to Malaysia

The Chairman gets about

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