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Tesco bids to make its food aisles more consumer-friendly

By Josie Clarke

Tesco is trialling a revamp of the way it displays food in aisles to help shoppers buy items more easily and quickly.

The trial, to take place at 50 undisclosed locations across the UK, will regroup items such as tinned tomatoes, olives and baking products to help shoppers who are "pressed for time". Home baking products including decorations have been grouped together to make it easier to find all the ingredients for a recipe and olives have been moved from the canned vegetables section to sit with other pickled products such as gherkins, after the supermarket found that shoppers tended to eat these items in the same way as snacks or with salads.

Tinned tomatoes have been shifted alongside other ingredients for commonly-made meals such as herbs, salt and spices.

Tesco also announced that it is simplifying its range of products over the next few weeks "as part of our work to make the shopping trip easier for customers".

A spokeswoman said: "These changes will ensure we continue to offer customers the best choice of products, as well as improving the availability of the most popular items."

Tesco, which is in the midst of a turnaround plan as shopping habits change and the market copes with the soaring popularity of Aldi and Lidl, said it would take customer feedback before extending the changes.

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