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Tesco faces 'fictional labelling' criticism

By Josie Clarke

Tesco has drawn criticism for using fictional British-sounding farm names on labelling for a range of meat and fresh produce, some of which is imported.

The made-up names are Woodside, Willow and Boswell farms on labelling for pork, chicken and beef, as well as Nightingale and Redmere on salad and vegetable items, Rosedene on berries, apples and pears and Suntrail Farms on a range of imported fruit.

A spokeswoman said the labels reflected a brand rather than actual farms, and were designed to assure customers that the produce was from trusted suppliers who met Tesco's quality standards, whether here or abroad.

The spokeswoman said that 100% of the fresh greens, white potatoes, chicken and beef under the new branding were sourced from the UK, adding: "All of our packaging clearly displays the country of origin on front of pack to help customers make an informed decision on what they wish to buy."

The National Farmers' Union and the Soil Association have both questioned the new branding.

The NFU's Ruth Mason said: "The NFU is seeking assurance that Tesco's new branding on selected food products is accurately and clearly labelled as British."

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