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The awesome toymaker who turns kids' scribbles into little friends

A company that creates stuffed toys based on children's drawings has proved so successful that it has had to suspend accepting new orders.

Child's Own Studio was started five years ago by Wendy Tsao after her son's nursery school asked for a favourite stuffed toy to help comfort him.

"Instead of sending in one of his favorite stuffed toys or running to the store to buy something, I decided to sew one myself," said Wendy.

"I was thinking of making his favorite animal, but then I saw his self-portrait.

"He drew it all the time, and it always - more or less - looked the same, with huge eye circles, stick arms and ten long wispy digits. So, I thought, 'why not?' And when I was finished, my son immediately recognized it and was very appreciative."

Since then the idea has taken off, with hundreds of children from around the world sending in their drawings for Wendy to work on.

Wendy is so busy that she is not accepting new commissions but continues to update her blog as she finishes new toys.

All images by Child's Own Studiio

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