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The bass-ics of developing new business ideas

By Jase Bell

I remember the day I took up the bass guitar. More to the point I remember the expression on my parents’ faces, swiftly followed by the phrase, ‘it will never last’.

And there started my foray into trying hard to accomplish things.

With start-ups you get the usual set of people telling you that something can't be done or that you'll never succeed with your idea. Break the news to a loved one about the thought of being entrepreneurial and the reaction can be unpredictable. More times than not it's about the fear of the unknown and the management of risk; you could call it ‘managing shareholder expectation’.

If you don't feel you have the skills to create a start-up then it's easy to learn. Start off with an idea and develop it from there. Any gaps in your skills you can soon fill with information that's online or in books. You could build a bridge with the amount of business related books that are out there. Many of them preach the same mantra as well, ‘anyone can do this’.

Ideas are plentiful, it's how they are executed that counts.

Next on the list are the people you want to connect with. It's easy to network; human nature is programmed to believe that it's really difficult. I'm pretty convinced that if you can go into a shop and buy something then you can go to a networking event anywhere in the province and make contact with someone. I've mentioned open coffee meetings before, they are all over the place and on at different times in the month.

So if you are near Belfast, Lisburn, Londonderry, Coleraine, Magherafelt or Limavady you'll be glad to know that there's a meeting nearby.

These meetings are informal and you can be active as you please.

Taking that one step further you might want to attend one of the Bizcamp ‘unconferences’ that are coming up in February, one in Newry on Saturday and the other in Belfast (February 20).

You'll find people talking about their experiences of starting up, funding, sales and all sorts of online marketing tips.

Real people, all they want to do is share. Some of the web watch contributors will be there and speaking about their stories.

I'll leave you with this thought from Scottish Twitter user Fraser Speirs( ). ‘That said, if five Iranians with no English can buy a sponge each and start a car wash with a queue around the block, what's keeping you?’

Jase Bell is a software developer and founder of Data Sentiment ( ).

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