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The Belfast Telegraph's new iPad app - take a sneak peek

With only days to go until launch, here's your sneak preview of the Belfast Telegraph's iPad app.

Northern Ireland's favourite local newspaper now brings you award-winning coverage of news, sport, business, and opinion while you are on the move.

Check out the video below to watch our iPad Editor Thomas Hawkins, explain some of the fantastic features we've packed into the app.

The Belfast Telegraph on iPad features exclusive content from our print edition, live breaking news and outstanding presentation of stories that matter to you.

It opens up a whole new era for the Belfast Telegraph reader... so join in and enjoy the journey...

You can download any edition from the past 5 days, skip to particular stories or flick through the entire edition page by page.

Find your favourite section, customise the layout and enhance the pictures, access breaking news from the scrolling ticker at the top of the page it's that simple!

Readers who register at before the launch will be offered 30 days' free access.

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