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The Low Down: Philip Bradley

Sacrifices of loyal staff enable insurer to increase productivity

Name: Philip Bradley

Title: Executive director, Northern Ireland

Qualifications: DFII and Chartered Institute

Company CV

Name: AXA Insurance

Sector: General Insurance

Workforce: 320

Turnover: £120m in NI

How long has Axa Insurance been operating in Northern Ireland?

The Northern Ireland business is owned and operated by AXA Insurance Ireland and has been operating here since 1999.

What areas of insurance does Axa operate in?

Our main business is providing vehicle insurance. We also offer home and travel insurance. Our insurance is available through insurance brokers and directly with us through 11 AXA branches or our website www.axani.co.uk.

Do you have any plans for expansion?

We are now the insurer of choice in Northern Ireland, insuring more drivers than any other insurance company here.

This is a firm foundation to develop and grow our business and we plan to achieve this through consistently excellent local customer service.

How do you compare to other insurers?

Many insurance companies have reduced their staff numbers in Northern Ireland or pulled out completely.

This also means there is a reliance on overseas call centres for claims handling and customer service.

AXA take a different view and we now employ 320 people in Northern Ireland who are responsible for sales, customer service and claims handling for our customers.

Have you launched any new initiatives to combat the current challenges?

We have had to take robust action to maintain the profitability of our business.

One example is that our staff agreed to work longer hours each week, for similar pay. This was instrumental in helping us achieve a 5% productivity gain in 2010.