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Londonderry-based Budget Energy is Northern Ireland's only independent supplier of retail, pre-paid electricity. Eleanor McEvoy founded the company in 2011. The firm's tag line is that it offers "the same electricity, only cheaper" and plans to bring its formula to the Republic's energy market before the end of the year

After securing a licence to operate in December 2010, it began supplying electricity in July the following year. It now supplies both domestic and commercial customers, and has around 30,000 customers in Northern Ireland.

The company says it provides "value for money" electricity through competitive pricing and lower overheads. It employs over 50 staff but hopes to have double that number by next year.

It has negotiated agreements to buy energy from anaerobic digesters and wind farmers. The company hopes to pursue green energy and to reach a threshold of 20% renewable energy by the end of this year.

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