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The Wave: Samsung unveils rival to the all-conquering Apple iPhone

Mobile phone giant Samsung launched a “life changing” smartphone last night to rival Apple's all-conquering iPhone.

The Samsung Wave was unveiled in Barcelona ahead of Mobile World Congress — the world's largest mobile phone trade show — which opens today.

The Korean manufacturer is currently the world's second largest producer of mobile phones — behind Nokia — but wants a larger share of the rapidly expanding smartphone market, dominated by Apple's iPhone.

When Apple launched its 3G iPhone in 2008, the American computer giant redefined the mobile phone. No longer simply a device for sending texts and making calls — the smartphone incorporated media players, the internet and sparked a trend creating hundreds of thousands of software applications — or apps — written by third party programmers.

And Samsung's latest smartphone is packed with a specification to impress. Featuring a hi-tech organic LED screen (AMOLED) which is thinner, less reflective and more energy efficient than traditional LED displays which require back-lighting.

Significantly, the Wave is the first handset to run Samsung's new open source operating system (OS) Bada and features an iTunes-style apps store for downloading games, mapping, eBooks and lifestyle applications. It arrives in April.

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