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The World takes on top quality Ulster produce

By Amanda Ferguson

Northern Irish food producers have secured orders from residents of The World – the luxury yacht that docked in Belfast last week.

Food NI and the Northern Ireland Tourist Board invited around 20 local producers to showcase their wares at the Harbour Commissioners Office when the magnificent boat arrived on our shores.

Rapeseed oil producer Broighter Gold, Armagh Cider Company, Hannan Meats, Jolly Pies and Belfast-based artisan chocolate company Co Couture were among those to sell goods to residents and catering staff from the 644ft privately-owned yacht, which has been circumnavigating the globe since 2002.

Chocolatier Deirdre McCanny from Co Couture said: "It was an excellent event, a really good boost for Northern Ireland and local producers.

"The yacht's retail manager and executive chef checked out all the local suppliers, and residents from the US, Venezuela and Japan came to our shop.

"We secured lots of orders for our chocolate shoes and Irish whiskey truffles."

Food NI chief executive Michele Shirlow said the products from Northern Ireland "rival the best food in the world".

"From traditionally brewed cider from the orchards of Co Armagh, to meat fattened on the lush green grass on Glenarm Estate, our produce is as good as it gets," she said.

"We gathered together a selection of top quality local producers and chefs to sample their award-winning products to our visitors and the atmosphere was fantastic.

"It is a perfect time to celebrate and shout about Northern Ireland food and drink, and we know that after visiting Belfast, our visitors will help with that as they continue on their travels across the globe."

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