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There can be silver lining to world of cloud computing

By Gareth McAlister

In a new series of articles on the relatively new world of cloud computing, Gareth McAlister of Belfast company Nimbus CS, busts the myths and explains some of the benefits.

Many aspects of cloud computing are still new to many businesses, and this can create concern, especially when growing companies hear about suggested dangers of cloud computing.

There are a lot of misconceptions about cloud computing out there, so here's a list of some of the top myths about what is a much misunderstood technology:

Myth 1 - My company isn't big enough to use the cloud

Nothing could be further from the truth. It doesn't matter if you have one employee or one thousand employees, it can be scaled to suit your business size.

Myth 2 - Company data is not secure

In 2015, 60% of businesses are using cloud computing services, with some of the remaining 40% put off by security fears. In fact, the cloud is more secure than ever as your onsite servers are more likely to get hacked or have a hardware failure and result in data loss.

Myth 3 - The cloud is more expensive

In most cases once you figure out the costs of buying new hardware, upgrading and maintaining it, then compare these costs to the monthly fees that a cloud provider will charge, you will see that it is normally cheaper to use cloud space in the long term.

Myth 4 - Everything works better in the cloud

This is almost true but some old applications that were designed to run on dedicated servers are often difficult to run on the cloud.

Myth 5 - The cloud is not reliable

Major cloud providers like Apple and Microsoft make the news every once in a while for outages. However, how often does your onsite service go down in comparison? This gives the wrong impression that the cloud is more unreliable than onsite services and really there's no comparison.

Myth 6 - Anyone can access my data

This is a common myth and one that worries most businesses. In fact, most hosting providers who hold your data cannot access or disclose any company information legally.

Myth 7 - Migrating into the cloud is more hassle than it is worth

While some work will be required, migrating into the cloud should be relatively pain-free. It can all happen very quickly and seamlessly with minimal downtime.

Next week, Gareth will focus on manufacturing and the cloud

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