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Ticket app makes rail difference

By Margaret Canning

Northern Ireland rail users can now buy and display their tickets on their mobile phones thanks to a new app.

Translink's new mobile ticket, the mLink, allows passengers to buy, receive and display an electronic ticket on their mobile.

Group chief executive Catherine Mason said: "We are committed to constantly innovating and improving our service for our passengers and through mLink we are providing rail customers with a convenient and easy to use ticketing system.

"Tickets can now be purchased through customers' mobile phones, making it both simple and safe to purchase tickets anywhere at any time without any time spent queuing at ticket offices."

Tickets can be bought using a free app up to three days in advance using a credit or debit card.

They can then be stored to be activated on the phone when required.

In a train station, they are displayed as a 'flash pass' ticket. It does not need to be electronically read - instead station staff can check it by looking at it at the ticket barrier or on the train.

The tickets can be bought monthly, weekly or through the three-day flexi ticket programme.