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Titanic Belfast: Two million visitors to tourism site since opening in 2012

Additional tourism spend estimated at more than £105m

Almost two million people visited Titanic Belfast in the last three years, with the total additional tourism spend estimated at more than £105m.

A major study by Deloitte shows the tourism destination secured more than 800 jobs since it opened in March 2012.

There were 1.9 million admissions to the galleries, 150,000 conference delegates and 100,000 visitors to special exhibitions.

The study found visitor numbers peaked in the first year of opening, with over 800,000 customers, and have continued that trend, with 700,000 customers to the galleries, exhibitions and conferences in year three.

More than two thirds of visitors were from outside Northern Ireland, with more than half a million people from here also visiting the centre.

The study was commissioned by Titanic Foundation.

Andrew McCormick, permanent secretary of Development for Enterprise, Trade and Investment (DETI) said:

“There has been sustained growth in tourism spend in Northern Ireland over the last 4-5 years, with tourism worth £750m to the local economy in 2014. Titanic Belfast has played a major part in this success with over 2.5 million visitors to its galleries since opening. I would like to see tourism grow to become a £1bn industry by 2020 and award winning offerings such as Titanic Belfast ensure that Northern Ireland visitor experience has recognition on the international stage”.

Nicky Dunn, chair of Titanic Foundation said: “Deloitte’s three year report is a clear indicator of the important role Titanic Foundation has played in the concept and delivery of Titanic Belfast as well as the essential role it has played in the regeneration of the Titanic Quarter.

"This could not have been achieved without the bold vision of our funders and donors. The results are also testament to the commitment and hard work by the operator – Titanic Belfast, their management team and the 300 staff.

"Titanic Foundation is keen to build on the report’s achievements by continuing to work in partnership with public and private organisations to promote, preserve and develop Belfast’s/ Northern Ireland’s maritime and industrial heritage which will only help to enhance the Titanic Belfast experience for everyone to enjoy.”

Jackie Henry, senior partner at Deloitte, said: "Our extensive analysis has found compelling evidence that the original projections and targets relating to Titanic Belfast’s economic, social and physical impact have been met and indeed exceeded.

"In particular Titanic Belfast has proved to be an economic driver, providing jobs, unlocking investment and a significant boost to tourism."

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