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Todds leap unveils free fall jump facility in Europe

The first commercial free fall jump facility in Europe has been developed by Todds Leap, in Ballygawley.

Described as ‘bungee jumping without the harness’ the new ‘Drop Zone’ free fall facility features a 30 foot sky tower and a specially designed high performance air bag cushion.

The free fall jump concept was developed by the team at Todds Leap which then took their idea to specialist manufacturers in Holland to develop a prototype and eventually manufacture the air bag equipment. The new facility has been two years in development and represents an investment of over £100,000 by the company. Three new jobs have been created to support the new facility.

Launching ‘Drop Zone’ Benny O’Hanlon, Managing Director, Todds Leap said: “Without doubt this is the most extreme activity at Todds Leap yet, and a genuinely adrenalin fuelled experience for everyone who has tried it to date. I am delighted to have brought what so many people told me was an unachievable concept to fruition and to be able to offer the first free fall jump facility of its kind in Europe here in Ballygawley. For the first time anyone with the head for it can experience the thrill of jumping off a 30 foot tower without any harnessing or safety lines.

"The sky tower offers participants two options, an intermediate jump at 15 feet or an extreme jump at 30 feet. It is in the design and construction of the air bag landing cushion that the technical innovation and inherent safety features of this facility lies. Based on the design of the air bags used in professional ski, bike and freefall stunts, the Drop Zone landing cushion is inflated with 270 cubic metres of air and can take the impact of the equivalent of four average men.”

“The opening of Drop Zone represents another landmark achievement for Todds Leap and is testament to the high standards we continue to set and our determination to bring the very latest and best in extreme activities to our outdoor adventure centre. In these challenging economic times it would be easy to sit tight and plan for expansion in better times, but that has never been the Todds Leap way. Drop Zone is a cutting edge addition to our expanding activity portfolio and will further enhance our customer experience,” said Benny O’Hanlon.

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