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Top techs to design new apps for web

Technology entrepreneurs are being offered a chance to create new products to enable internet users to get the best of superfast broadband.

BT and TechHub have joined forces to task tech entrepreneurs to design and present innovative new applications and services to foster speedy surfing with the launch of the BT Infinity Lab programme.

This opportunity comes in conjunction with TechHub, which creates hubs around the world for technology types to network.

The winning entrepreneurs will receive support for six months from BT, including access to research and development, engineering, legal and marketing pros.

Their product will also be marketed alongside BT's existing products.

As part of the partnership, BT will launch the programme at one of TechHub's London spaces.

Successful applicants will also gain membership at TechHub's sold-out community space in the heart of East London's 'Tech City', which offers business support and workspace.

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