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Town Square: South Belfast revamped restaurant serves up 30 new jobs for all-day dining

Exclusive by John Mulgrew

The new owner of the Crescent Townhouse in south Belfast is creating around 30 jobs as he launches a newly designed and revamped city restaurant.

The hotel, restaurant and bar was formerly owned by pub chain Wine Inns, but was taken over by businessman Peter Ringland two months ago.

He now is now realising grand plans for an all-day eating venue, with seasonal food and custom-made matching beers.

He's relaunching the hotel restaurant as Town Square, with the help of one of the team behind Belfast coffee sensation Established.

The restaurant will serve food all day - and Mr Ringland said it would have a modern approach to dining, including an 'espresso station' for those seeking a caffeine fix in the morning.

"I started a serviced apartment company back in 2008 called Victoria Apartments. Since then I acquired the hotel," owner Peter Ringland told the Belfast Telegraph.

Mr Ringland said he paid more than £1m for hotel.

Project leader Nathan Reid, who was formerly part of the management team behind Established coffee, said: "Essentially we are turning it into an all day venue - breakfast, lunch and dinner.

"My background was with Established coffee, which was voted the third best coffee shop in Europe, and Peter asked me to come on board.

"What we are trying to do is offer something a little bit different in Belfast - really trying to push the space.

"There will be a separate espresso bar, service area, and a separate brew bar. People will be able to see the inner workings."

The restaurant is also working with east Belfast beer makers Boundary Brewing to produce brews to complement seasonal dishes.

"It's about something different. For example, if we have four mains, one red meat, one chicken, one fish and one vegetarian, we send that to Boundary, and they are going to brew beers for us," Mr Ringland said

They are investing £100,000 in the new eaterie, which is due to open at the end of the month.

There are grand plans to roll out the Town Square restaurant concept further if it proves a success.

"If it is successful, it's being rolled out. We've just acquired a property on Howard Street," Mr Ringland said. He said the bar at Crescent Townhouse would then be rebranded, before work begins on sprucing up the hotel itself.

He's already hired some 15 new staff for the business, with a further 15 to follow soon.

"We are launching on November 28 with a Ted Talk. We are hoping to run monthly events of that calibre going forward."

The Crescent Townhouse deal was completed by commercial property firm GVA NI.

GVA's Liam McAuley said the deal was another sign the leisure and hospitality industry is continuing to improve.

"A lot of stuff is happening off market. We are slowly but surely getting back to those days, and I think that will continue," he said.

"The leisure and hospitality sector is improving, which is good.

"You are seeing more activity in that market."

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