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Traffic wardens 'driving businesses out of Portadown'

As it was revealed this week that Portadown was one of the most ticketed towns in Northern Ireland, business owners from the area have stepped forward to voice their concerns.

Restaurant owner, Simon Dougan, who runs the popular Yellow Door on Woodhouse Street in the town, is considering moving his premises altogether after he was ticketed twice on the same morning for parking his delivery vehicles at the bottom of his street.

The latest tickets add to a list of 16 unpaid parking fines the businessman has received recently for unloading vehicles close to his restaurant.

“How can I run my business if I have nowhere to park? Once I got a ticket when I was parked in Magowan because it was overlapping the space behind, so I moved it to the free car park at Magowan and they gave me a ticket there too for the same thing.

You can’t win,” Mr Dougan told the Portadown Times.

“I am thinking seriously about leaving Portadown. I am not getting any help from the council either,” he added.

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