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Transit firm creating 100 new jobs in Belfast thanks to cash injection

By John Mulgrew

A Belfast cash-in-transit firm is creating 300 new jobs as it expands across the UK and the Republic.

RMS Group Service is adding 100 new jobs at its Belfast head office, along with a further 200 in Dublin and Slough, after landing a £1.25m cash injection from the Growth Loan Fund.

Set up in 2005, the company's services include cash and valuable goods transit, cash processing and note and coin supply.

It employs 180 staff in Belfast, 55 in Dublin and 10 in England.

Tony McAleenan, finance director of RMS, said: "The investment from the Growth Loan Fund and Whiterock Capital will allow us to grow into GB and the Republic of Ireland. It will create 300 additional jobs across our head office and other facilities."

He said the firm had grown from being a "regional player" to working across the UK and the Republic.

And Economy Minister Simon Hamilton said: "They have done really well in the local market and are now looking to seize opportunities in the Irish Republic and in Great Britain - that takes them to another level.

"There has been competition in the sector, but it's a local firm which has done well and cornered the market locally."

"The company has grown steadily over the past 12 years and this growth has been borne out of a programme of investment."

The new jobs are being added over the next five years.

David McCurley, senior investment manager at Whiterock Capital Partners, said: "Our investment in RMS Group Services is one of the largest single loans provided by the Growth Loan Fund to date."

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