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Transport firm increases turnover

BALLYVESEY Holdings is a diverse group of more than 30 active trading companies in the freight transport business, vehicle sales and specialist financial support.

The group is owned by local family shareholders and has its headquarters in Doncaster.

The trading network extends across Great Britain and Northern Ireland and into Europe.

The group's main activities are described as in transport and logistics, vehicle distribution and trailer manufacturing.

In Northern Ireland the group owns several Montgomery Transport companies, East-West Transport and Dukes Transport (Craigavon).

In addition to transport companies in England, the group includes a subsidiary recruitment agency in Poland, as well as a local metal recycling business and trailer manufacturer.

Trading performance in the year to September 2012 showed an increase of £110m in turnover to exceed £469m. The 30% increase in turnover will have partly reflected an expanded range of plant dealerships for a range of brands and an increase in the metal recycling business.

Group operating profit was unusually high in 2011 and although it fell in 2012, the most recent operating profit is notably higher than in 2010.

Pre-tax profits also peaked in 2011 and more recently have fallen back to near 2010 levels.

Direct capital spending increased in 2012 to just over £3m. The group also spent over £5m on the purchase of further subsidiaries.

Average employment in the group in 2012 was 2,041 people, a further 10% increase on the previous year.

The company has a modest dividend policy for shareholders. In each recent year dividends to shareholders have cost £242,000.

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