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Two thirds of people in Northern Ireland say Brexit 'bad' for public services

By John Mulgrew

Almost two thirds of people in Northern Ireland believe leaving the EU would be bad for UK public services, according to a new survey.

Figures from Deloitte show just 19% of respondents here say Brexit would be good for public services. That's lower than the UK average of 28%.

Jackie Henry, senior partner at Deloitte in Belfast, said Brexit presents both challenges and opportunities for the devolved administration in Northern Ireland.“More cohesive political leadership has created an opportunity for Northern Ireland to accelerate change already underway in its economy, communities and public sector.

“At the same time, the effects of Brexit raise unique concerns for the region. That combination of opportunities and risks means this assembly term could shape Northern Ireland’s prosperity for generations.

“While Northern Ireland is on a promising path, the region is uniquely exposed to Brexit. It will become home to the UK’s only land border with an EU member state, and while the Prime Minister has assured leaders in both Northern Ireland and the Republic that it will not revert to a border of the past, some form of access and customers control seems inevitable.”

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