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UK 'in slow lane' over pensions dashboard, says former minister

Savers are at risk of being left in the "slow lane" unless stronger action is taken to make sure people can see all their money pots in one place on a pensions dashboard, according to a report.

Former pensions minister Steve Webb, who is director of policy at Royal London, said countries such as Australia and Sweden have provided a single place where people can see all or most of their pension rights.

In the recent Budget, the UK Government said a digital pensions dashboard will be available by 2019. Budget documents said the Government will ensure the industry designs, funds and launches the facility.

It is hoped a pensions dashboard will help savers by showing them how much money they have in their pots, making it easier to work out how much more they are likely to need to put away for their retirement.

With the roll-out of automatic enrolment into workplace pensions, and people often moving from job to job, there will be many more pension pots in the coming years that people will need to keep track of.

Mr Webb said there has been little co-ordination or clear governance of the efforts to set up a pensions dashboard.

He said: "Citizens of countries such as Australia, Sweden and the Netherlands already have the benefit of access to pensions dashboards where they can see all their pensions in one place.

"It is unacceptable that the UK is in the 'slow lane' and our savers are being left behind. Getting the many different parties involved to work together in the interests of the consumer is a big job and may even require legislation."