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UK productivity 'crisis' worsening as output per hour likely to slow, says study

The UK's productivity "crisis" is getting worse, with business output struggling to keep up with rising employment, a new study finds.

Research by business advisers BDO LLP suggested that output per hour is likely to slow, undermining the country's "alarmingly low" productivity levels.

Employment has been growing, but it has not translated into improving productivity, which has only increased marginally, said the report.

Peter Hemington of BDO LLP said: "Poor productivity performance is one of the UK's biggest economic challenges.

"The UK is a low investment economy with an education system that doesn't always deliver the goods.

"Successive governments should be applauded for the hard work done to improve education in England, which has shown real progress in recent years, but technical education has not improved and there must be doubt as to whether this nettle is really being grasped.

"As for investment, the Government should have the courage to borrow more to invest in the nation's increasingly threadbare and out-of-date infrastructure."