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Ulster man pushes Jamie Oliver's campaign for a tax on sugar

By John Mulgrew

Jamie Oliver will continue to push the Government to introduce his "sugar tax" next year, according to his Co Down commercial content manager.

Newtownards man Steve Cardwell - who heads up commercial content for Jamie Oliver - joined the company two years ago.

The 28-year-old is set to speak to hundreds of tech enthusiasts and students at the Digi-Talk event in Belfast next week.

And he's helping Jamie, who remains "very hands-on" in every aspect of his "sprawling" use all marketing channels, including video on social media, to get his message across.

"I joined about two years ago. We established a channel called Food Tube. It's another way for Jamie to get his message across," he said.

And he described Jamie as "very hands-on". "He has creative control over everything," he said.

He said next year Jamie would be focusing on a range of areas, including his latest show, Everyday Super Food, and pushing the anti-sugar tax.

"He wants to really shake things up again, and use the power he has to make some difference," said Steve.

"I think Jamie uses messages pretty clear. It's presenting the choices on each side.

"I think it's knowing your limits as part of a balanced diet, know what you are eating. I don't think he dictates what people eat."

And speaking about the event at the Europa next week, he said: "The millennial audience is completely different. You can't farm out the same message across all platforms. You have to know your platforms, and know your audience."

He couldn't shed any more light on strong speculation that the Jamie's Italian restaurant brand is on its way to Belfast.

But he said the chain was undergoing "rapid expansion".

Steve Cardwell is one of several speakers hitting Belfast next week as part of the Digi-Talk conference.

Organised by Hastings Hotels, the conference, which is endorsed by the Ulster University, aims to help businesses and students find out more about the growing realm of digital marketing.

It's taking place at the Europa Hotel on November 5.

Mr Cardwell will be joined by Lisa Fitzsimons from Guinness Europe and David Douglas from digital agency Ebow.

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