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Union backs Jeremy Corbyn in leader fight as policies 'benefit working people'

Jeremy Corbyn has won the backing of another trade union in the race for the Labour leadership.

The executive of the Transport Salaried Staffs' Association voted unanimously to support Mr Corbyn rather than Owen Smith.

General secretary Manuel Cortes said: "Jeremy has a set of policies and values which will benefit working people and we will be backing him on the basis.

"From his support for a publicly owned railway, his restoration of workers' rights, removed by the Tories and not brought back under New Labour, and his commitment to running the economy in the interests of 99% of the people rather than the rich elite as favoured by the Tories, he is offering the country a genuinely radical alternative government."

A number of unions have decided in recent days to support Mr Corbyn, including those representing postal and BT workers, train drivers and construction workers.