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Union leader demands Government talks over future of Tata Steel after Bexit vote

A union leader is demanding an urgent meeting with the Government about the crisis in the steel industry after the EU referendum result.

Roy Rickhuss, general secretary of Community, has written to Business Secretary Sajid Javid about the future of Tata Steel as the Indian firm continues to assess bids for its UK business.

Mr Rickhuss said: "The EU referendum result and the Government turmoil that has resulted have placed new question marks over Tata Steel's sales process and the trade unions need to understand what actions Government will take to safeguard the future of UK steelmaking.

"The Prime Minister and the Business Secretary have both looked steelworkers in the eyes and said they would do everything to save the industry. Senior Leave campaigners like Michael Gove said that leaving the EU would help save steelmaking.

"It is important that the entire UK Government now gets behind steelworkers and helps secure the future of their industry. During this period of economic uncertainty, it would be a disaster if our steel industry was allowed to crumble."

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