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Union to ballot BT workers on ‘unprecedented’ pay deal

Telecommunications giant BT has announced an “unprecedented” employee pay deal with a 3% pay rise after reaching agreement with a trade union.

Members of the Communication Workers’ Union are set to vote on the deal in a consultative ballot in coming weeks after it was agreed by the union’s executive.

A spokesman for BT, which employs 2,300 people in Northern Ireland, said: “Having failed to reach agreement on a one or two-year deal, the two sides have instead agreed on an unprecedented 39-month deal that will take both sides through until March 2013. This deal will provide BT with wage stability for several years.”

CWU Northern Ireland regional secretary Lawrence Huston said: “In the present climate this has to be seen as a fair offer. We will now take it to a membership ballot.”

Employees will receive pensionable pay rises of 3% every financial year from April 2010 to March 2013. The rise will be backdated to January.

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